PlanOneSolution was launched based on a dream of providing excellent quality service. We have amongst us over 30 years of experience from customer service and sales, and we know that people have high expectations of service and response.

Customer service is about good content, and we see daily that companies do not understand the importance of good personal service. We are constantly working to renew ourselves and to stay updated within customer care. It is a challenge to drive good customer service in today’s automated world. Studies generally indicate that people appreciate personal service.

We at PlanOneSolution know that we must work actively every day with a solid personal interest and know-how by giving customers top priority and delivering knowledge along with infectious joy!

We will be your voice towards your customers, always stay ahead and provide a great customer experience. Today we can provide services in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, German, Finnish, Croatian, Thai and Icelandic. We have our office in Berlin and our mission is to make life easier and to be our customers’ voice.

We look forward to service you!