We are delighted that you visit us. PlanOneSolution helps companies grow through effective relationships and improving the customer experience.

Our service consists of four core fields; sales, customer service, meeting booking and Fundraising. Each field having their own dedicated teams. Please talk to us with regards to any project or campaign that you have a need for, and we will most surely help you. If it involves us picking up the phone, then we are ready!

Every person have their own story. This is why we at PlanOneSolution treats all customers as unique, and we hope we can contribute to make a difference in people’s lives. All our staff are trained to the highest standards, and we produce the best possible results. Each contact can give more opportunities to build and renew customer trust and satisfaction.

Our services also includes quality reporting and data collection. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the most important change within data protection regulation in 20 years. The new regulation is designed to strengthen the individual’s rights to privacy and harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. We welcome the new regulation and will keep doing our part to ensure that all our customers are GDPR compliant.

We welcome you as a part of our company and we would love to hear from you.

From Sweden: +46 8 420 026 95

From Germany: +49 30 69577585